Web Services

Let Sabre Business Bookkeeping either design and maintain your web site or help you to design your own web pages.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Create and manage your web site.
  • Upload it to your Service Provider.
  • Optimumising and registering it with the major search engines.
  • Creating site maps.
  • Checking existing design.
  • Validity of links.
  • Appearance in different browsers.
  • Web Site backup.

We also offer training in web design, production and management. Some of the many advantages in being able to produce and update your own web site are

  • A complete new page added to your web site when you want at very little cost.
  • You can make small changes to your website with no fees charged.
  • Updates can be done immediately from your home or office.

Domain names

Sabre will check availability and register your domain name. The Domain name will registered under your name and will therefore rainin your property as long as you renew it..

Web site design and maintenance

The Internet must be one of the cheapest but biggest forms of publicity available today. It is available 24 hours, 7 days a week for every day of the year but it will only work if set up properly. Whether you are looking for assistance with a personal site or you have a business or organisation you wish to promote, Sabre Business Systems can help you.

Obviously the pricing will depend on what you want, and of course a personal site will inevitably cost less than a business site and if you are a charity or non-profit making organization the price will be restructured accordingly.