Sample Prices

A virtual assistant is self-employed and you only hire us when you need to. Terms are flexible - you only pay for the time we are needed or for the service you require. We work from our office and use our own equipment instead of being physically present in your office to carry out the work. We use communications such as telephone, fax, mail and e-mail to send/receive information to/from you.

The following prices are for guidance only. All enquiries are treated on an individual basis based on complexity and timescales.

General word processing

£15 per hour

Bookkeeping Adhoc

£17 per hour Pre Paid £poa

Credit Control

Adhoc £20 per hour

Pre Paid £144.00 per 8 hour block

Pre Paid £600.00 per 40 hour block

Programming (All programming is undertaken after a quotation and an approved outline/specification)

Adhoc £20 per hour

Offsite work Travelling time

£10 per hour (or part). Expenses at cost + 10%

All prices are subject to VAT if you or your business resides in the EU. Prices are subject to change without notice.

If your handwriting is hard to read or your copy is unclear an additional charge will be made - per page or per hour.

Stationery, postage, e-mail, telephone and fax costs will be applied where appropriate, at cost.

A supplement of £25.00 will be added for all assignments requiring work between 20:00 hrs Fri and 08:00 hrs Mon.

Registered office mail will be forward unopened free of charge to a specified UK or EU address with the following exceptions: Maximum 15 items per annum. Where our Company Secretary services are NOT being used or the mail is not relevant to Company secretary duties we will charge £1.50 per item. This charge also applies to items forwarded to addresses outside the EU.

An invoice will be produced for all work carried out.