Office programming

Spending more and more time doing admin rather than getting those sales?

However the time taken doing the admin is time better spent in getting new business. What is needed is a way of automating the admin thus reducing the time taken and increasing accuracy.

The way do that is to use Virtual assistants from Sabre Business Bookkeeping Limited.

We offer a bespoke programming service that is tailor suited to meet your requirements.

All clients have their own specific needs therefore it is important to us to understand and implement the right package for each client on an individual basis. We are committed to providing a level of service that our clients can be proud of as well as having the peace of mind that Sabre can act as an extension to your business.

Remember: Your sucess is our success.


The forms and letters you send to prospects and clients portray your company profile. Let Sabre design your Estimates, Quotes, Job sheets, Orders, Invoices, Statement forms, Purchase orders, Remmitance advices, etc. We can create them in Excel, Word or Acrobat(Pdf).

Custom solutions

Have a product that is difficult to cost by untrained sales staff? Then let Sabre create a solution by taking your expertise and creating a quotation system that your sales staff can use to produce accurate costings. We can either use the Microsoft Office suite, VB programming or utilising Software Development Kits (SDKs) from major solution providers such as ACT!, Sage, Quotewerks and Quickbooks.

Database design and maintenance

Sabre can create databases using Microsoft Access or SQL Server on windows PCs and MySql on Linux web servers. e.

Visual basic for applications

VBA is the standard scripting and macro langauge of the Microsoft Office suite. Sabre are able to create integrated solution using office. An example of this is a quotation system that is centered on Excel but uses Access to store data, Word to produce quotations, save as PDF addon to create Pdf versions that are then emailed to the prospect via Outlook.


Sabre use Access as a database but it also a powerfull tool for custom development. An example of this is a Call management system that allowed telesales operators to add new contacts and set up action tasks. The system would then produce follow up lists and allow the operators to maintain a full contact history.


Visual Basic 6, although not offically supported by Microsoft, is still a robust programming tool in its own right. Sabre can maintain VB6 code or can port the code to