Credit Control

Spending more and more time chasing customers for money?

In this day and age customers are trying to extend your credit terms by only paying invoices at the last possible moment. This is why it is becoming more neccessary to keep calling customers to ensure that payments are made on time.

However the time taken chasing money owed is time better spent in getting new business. What is needed is a way of making those calls but keeping the costs down to a minimum.

The way do that is to use Virtual assistants from Sabre Business Bookkeeping Limited. We offer a bespoke Credit Control service that is tailor suited to meet your requirements.

All clients have their own specific needs therefore it is impotant to us to understand and implement the right package for each client on an individual basis.

Dispute arbitration

Sometimes the solution to a disputed invoice is to have a third party listen to both sides of the arguement.
This allows each side to put their case to someone who has not involved in the dispute and with negotiation can find a solution that is agreeable to each side.

Telephone chasing

We will ensure that we talk to the relevent person in your customers accounts department. Regular telephone contact is essential in order to build up a relationship and a log of responses. The more contact results in more ontime payments and will highlight potential problems earlier.

Customer reply reporting and follow up system

All calls are logged to ensure an accurate trading history is maintained.Documentation of queries and potential credit notes reported within 24 hrs for client review. Speed neccessitates good customer service and reduces the risk of late payment.


We create a Cash forcast of payments promised so the cash flow can be planned.

Dunning letters

Reminder emails and/or letters sent at regular intervals. We prepare standard templates of chasing letters that differ depending on the debt outstanding.

County court action via internet

There will be times were customers do not pay their invoices on time. With Sabre having done all the regular chasing and sending Dunning letters at the appropriate time then presenting a case to the courts will be fully documented and when faced by such a legal summons most companies will pay before the bailiffs are called to action.